How To Clear GoTV Error Codes – (E16, E17, E32)

gotv error codesGoTV error codes are error types that display on your TV screen. While this appears, you may not be able to watch any TV shows. This error messages may occur when a Gotv user re-subscribes or the Go-antenna is not fixed properly. In this article, we will show you how to clear various Gotv error codes.

Before trying to fix the error code, make sure the fault is not from you. The error E16 mostly occurs when you have not paid your GoTV subscription. If you have not paid, read our blog post on how to subscribe on Gotv with Quickteller. Another cause maybe due to bad weather or bad positioning of the Go-antenna.

Clear Gotv Error Codes by Resetting

Some of this error codes can be fixed by simply clicking the reset button. The reset button can be found on the Gotv decoder. Long press the reset button and wait for the Gotv to reload. If the error code still shows, use the manual reset below.

The Manual rest is done by sending an SMS from the mobile number used to register for Gotv. To reset, send a text message in this format; RESET IUC number to 4688. E.g RESET 461234597 then send to 4688.

If the problem still persists, use the next method below.

Clear Gotv Error Codes via Web

There is a feature on the Gotv website that lets you clear error codes with ease. I have used this feature countless times and it worked perfectly.

Visit the Gotv error codes portal. Enter your IUC number (The IUC number can be found under the Gotv decoder). Select the error code type and the captcha code shown to you. Click on fix error. The error message should be fixed by now.

If the problem continues, you need to contact GOtv customer care. Below are Gotv contact numbers and address;

You can use any of the Gotv contacts to lay complaints.

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