MyMTN Mobile App – Easy Access to All MTN Services

mymtn mobile appAs an MTN customer, one of the Apps you should have on your phone is the MyMTN Mobile App. With the MyMtn mobile app, you do not have to remember all the USSD codes to perform any task. Just open your MyMtn app and do them.

You need to register on the app to use it. You can only sign up with your MTN number.

Features of MyMTN Mobile App

The app comes with a variety of features. You can check out the features of this app below;

Recharge Airtime

Obviously, this feature allows you purchase airtime on your MTN sim card. There are various options to choose from; you could buy airtime through a debit/credit card, bank account or recharge with voucher code. Recharging with voucher code means you will buy recharge card from vendors and input the code in the space provided.

View Account History

You can view your call, SMS and browsing history. Though this won’t show the list of people you contacted or sites you visited. It will only show the date and amount spent on each transaction.

Get PUK number

P.U.K stands for Personal Unblocking Code. This code is used to reset your pin after the sim has been blocked. There is a tab that lets you easily retrieve PUK number at no cost.

Manage Subscription

View and manage all the MTN service you have subscribed to. You can cancel your ringback tone service from here.

MTN Services

With this feature, you can view all MTN value added service and subscribe to whichever one you want. I used this feature to deactivate DND on my MTN sim card.

It’s a great app if you ask me.

The MyMTN Mobile App is available on Android and iOS. You can use the download button below.

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