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tagged signup, tagged loginAs Wikipedia put it, Tagged.com is a social discovery website. If you are looking for a place to meet new people, make friends and have fun, then tagged is what you need. The website is owned by Ifwe Inc. a company based in San Fransisco, California. Tagged was launched in October 2004 and boast of over 300 million members.

The Tagged full site comes with a lot of features. Some of this features are unique and cannot be found on popular social media sites like Facebook. We have outlined some of the features you will find on this website;

Features on Tagged Full Site


Yeah. Every website has a homepage. The Tagged.com homepage shows a suggestion of people you should meet, pets you should buy (more on that later). Scrolling down a little, you see where to update your status, view feeds/updates from other friends.The left tab contains alerts; alerts from people who viewed your profile and people who want to be friends.

Meet Me

The meet me feature shows you other tagged members based on your preference. It’s like a game and you have to confirm your sexual orientation to get started with the meet me feature. Here’s how the meet me feature works;

Yo are shown images of people mostly of opposite sex. You click on either like or No above a profile picture. the aim here is to bring a match between two people. A match occurs when two people like each other in the “meet me” game. When the match occurs, you are notified by tagged to either message the match or to continue playing the match game.


This is the feature I am most crazy about. The pets feature is more of a game where you have to buy other people as pets. When you buy a beautiful pet, you spend cash (not real cash). It is very likely that other pet players would buy your pet from you; if they do, you and the pet get 5% cash profit each. Every time a pet is bought, its value increases by 10%.

While I’m pet hunting, I go for beautiful females that have been active on the site for some time. My pets are usually bought from me almost immediately, my value, virtual cash and global rankings increase. If you do not have enough virtual cash to purchase pets, you need to buy gold with real cash. Mind you, this game is really addictive.


The viewers’ feature allows you to see your secret admirers on tagged. This feature is only available to VIP members.  A VIP member gets to see every member that has viewed his or her profile at a time. More on Tagged VIP below.


This feature allows you to interact with like-minded people. You could join other groups, create your own groups. There are lots of popular groups you can join and start interacting. the groups also come in various categories. You can join groups based on the category you prefer.

Tagged VIP

The VIP feature is a paid feature that comes with various perks. As a VIP member, you can see your “Likes you” list, profile viewers, access popular people, know when your sent messages have been read, the ability to contact new users before others do, and also have access to premium support.

There three plans for the VIP plan;

  • Monthly payment for $9.99 monthly.
  • Quarterly payment for $6.99 monthly.
  • Semi-annual payment for $4.99 monthly.

The payment can be made via credit/debit card or a Paypal account.

Support for other languages

Tagged has support for other languages. See the list of websites supported on the website below;

  • English.
  • Bahasa Melayu.
  • Basa Jawa.
  • Espanol.
  • Deutsch.
  • Francais.
  • Italiano.
  • Magyar.
  • Nederlands.
  • Portuguese.
  • Romana.
  • Turkce.
  • Chinese.

Tagged Sign up – Tagged Login

Are you already in love with the features? :). Let’s see how to sign up on the website. You can signup by filling the form on the homepage or using the Facebook or Google plus button. Follow this link to sign-up on tagged.com. If you are using a mobile phone, you can sign up through tagged mobile sign-up link. On the tagged mobile version, you can sign up or login with Facebook.

First of all, enter your correct details. Your password should not be weak; you can generate a secure password here. Click on the next button to continue. The next step is to import friends from your email account, you can skip this step.

Add your profile picture. You can upload a nice photo of you. You could also skip this step by clicking “Maybe Later”. For best results, it is best to upload a profile picture of you.

Now you will need to input a confirmation code sent to the email address you used to sign-up. Login to your email address, copy the number and paste it in the space provided. Once you have done this, your registration is complete.

Hence you can log in to tagged by clicking this Tagged login link. In addition, if you are using a mobile phone, you can login using the Tagged mobile login link.

Tagged Browse – Meet New People and Flirt

taggedThe tagged browse section lets you see many members on the website. From here, you can add people or send them messages directly. This is the first place I recommend you go after signing up. You could set up the filters to show results of the kind of people you want. For more filters, click the Advanced button.

Are you on Tagged? Tell us about your experience on the social network platform.

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